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this morning. memphis, feels like 33. here's the spring outlook. generally what the government's forecast service is saying that we will get to spring and get to a warmer than normal spring. it's just going to take two weeks to get that warm air toward the east and, of course, we're going to try to get rid of the drought in the southeast you're starting spring without one. still a drought in the western areas. >> all that weekend getaways brought to you by kohl's. >> tgif. >>> still to come here -- what a story this is. chris masters yanking a tree out of the ground in an effort to save his mother's life. it's an abc news exclusive. >>> and the defense psychologist in the breakup murder trial facing sharp questions from the jury in a dramatic day in court. are their questions clues to a verdict? >>> also, the founder of bikram yoga. why one of his students is suing accusing him of trying to sabotage her. >>> and lady gaga's born brave tour bus pulls into times square. stay with us. we'll talk to her about a lot including her recovery. . take comfort in saving up to $600 on a wide variety
government at work. ladies and gentlemen. reena ninan, thank you for your majoritying. >>> a lot of other news breaking overnight and for that back to our resident skeptic, ron claiborne. >> i don't know why you say that, dan. anyway, good morning, everyone. >>> we begin with an historic meeting in italy. pope meeting pope or former pope. the new pope francis is having lunch with his predecessor pope benedict at the papal residence in castel gandolfo, the first time a meeting like this has taken place in possibly 600 years. that is the last time a pope resigned. benedict will eventually live in a monastery inside the vatican. >>> president obama is wrapping up the first overseas trip in jordan. the president is visiting jordan's most popular tourist attraction, the fabled ancient city of petra. he is worried about extremists if assad is overthrown and will keep plugging away in hopes of restarting peace talks between israel and the palestinians. >>> and lawmakers in north dakota have passed what could lead to the most restricted abortion law in the nation. they passed a resolution that sa
bagram prison to afghan government. the most dangerous prisoner will not be released. the transfer of power takes place tomorrow. >>> and pope francis called for people to be humble and young at heart during his first palm sunday mass at st. peter's square. in the vatican. pope francis arrived in an packed square in an uncovered vehicle. he broke away from his prepared homily to tell the people to lead simple lives. palm sunday is the beginning of holy week, leading up to easter. >>> the man considered god father of fitness, the bodybuilder has died. legend joe weeder helped popularize body building. he introduced the world to a young austrian bodybuilder. you see him there, his name is arnold schwarzenegger. arnold schwarzenegger said, through a statement, through hard work and training we could all be champions. joe weider was 93 years of age. >>> and here's something that you don't see every day, a driver lost control of his car and wound up on his neighbor's roof. in glendale, california, the passenger in the errant car, said that they came down a steep hill and couldn't slow d
is the federal government keeping a national registry. >> reporter: the senate is expected to vote on what is left of gun control legislation when it returns from recess in april. the assault weapons ban has been dropped from the senate package. >> thank you, jim. >>> let's go to cecilia vega now. >> good to be here. breaking news overnight affecting your money in the stock market. this time it's good news. after frantic last-minute negotiations, leaders have agreed to bail out cyprus which would prevent it from going bankrupt. under terms of the $13 billion deal, one major bank is being forced to close. and only the wealthiest account holders will lose funds. >>> despite what is being called a spirited discussion, secretary of state john kerry has failed to win any agreement from iraq after a surprise visit to baghdad on sunday. kerry warned the iraqis to stop allowing iran to use air space for flights into syria. the u.s. believes the flights are carrying weapons. for the syrian regime. kerry visits afghanistan today. >>> and the mysterious death of a billionaire russian businessman is r
. outrage is growing in the small nation of cyprus. the government would seize 10% of the people's bank accounts for the bailout. banks are shut down to prevent people from withdraws their savings. >>> here at home, a computer glitch set off a panic for chase customers. when they checked the balances in their accounts, they saw this. the bank says it was there error. the problem is resolved. >> good news. i thought it was just me. >>> now to winter's blast. snow and ice hitting so much of the country. with an update of sorts, sam champion, the man we're blaming this morning. >> let's show you how much the entire eastern coast of the country, enveloped in the country. up to 10 inches of snow up to 2 feet in the mountains of new england. more than 360 storm reports in the south. most of them big, big hailstones and powerful winds. the pictures out of mississippi. the last few places to pick up snow this morning. from northern new york state to burlington, maine. the entire state of massachusetts. nanuet, new york. last night before this turned over the rain. one or two places are still ge
and exercise more a government report out this morning shows the obesity rate is rising from 19% in the middle of last decade to a whopping 29% last year. the rate of diabetes nearly doubled in that time. >>> a jury in ohio has recommended a death sentence for the so-called craig's list killer. richard beasley post phony job listings to lure men to meet him and eventually killed three of them. a fourth survived and testified against him. >>> the fbi expanded the search for the bank robber known as the tall man ban indict, wanted for six heists. his real name is chet evans. they hope his height, 6'10", thus the tall man bandit, hopes people to see him. >>> thieves stole $300,000 in cash and jewels after moving into an empty office above a bank and slowly drilling through the floor till they got down into the vault. their high-tem equipment bypassed all of the alarms except for one. police caught them with that cold, hard cash in hand. >>> just for josh we have this headline. the miami heat fought back from a 27-point deficit to beat the cleveland cavaliers extending their winning streak to 24 g
is the main suspect. >>> and here at home, autism may be far more widespread than we thought. a new government survey of parents found that 1 in 50 school-age children has some form of autism. a previous study said it was more like 1 in 88. this report found a significant number of children have been diagnosed at older ages. >>> and look at this. a dramatic scene in new york. a worker trapped up to his chest in mud for four hours finally pulled above ground overnight. more than 150 firefighters helping with that rescue. the man was working in a subway tunnel trench when the walls caved in. he is expected to be okay. >>> speaking of dramatic, look at what happened when the mayor of kansas city, missouri, was giving his state of the city address. a disgruntled man storms the stage shouting obscenities, police eventually tackled him to the ground. yes, down he goes. but that was nothing compared to this overseas, an all-out brawl in ukraine's parliament. there they go. just another day in parliament. started when a member of the ruling party delivered a speech in russian instead of ukrainian. >>
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)